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CSG was formed in 2004 to help advertisers create more effective and engaging radio and on-line advertising. We develop new and innovative ways to market products and services through radio and have invented new advertising methods including BLINKS, ADLETS, Song Tags, Ad Jams and Brown Bag Takeovers. CSG employs a world-class, award-winning team of the best writers and producers for radio anywhere. We’ve hired from agencies JWT, BBDO, Saatchi, Spike DDB, Tracy-Locke, Brunner and employ a platinum selling musician as our in house composer and songwriter.

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MTV, VH1, NBC, The CW, Miramax, Macy’s
Number 1 Billboard Charts Songwriter * Top 3 finalist in “American Idol” songwriting competition
* Has shared stage with Shakira, Maroon 5, The Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, John Mayer
New York Festivals * ADDY Awards * Creativity


Subway, Zippo, Cole Haan, Dow, Cirque du Soleil, Admiral Nelson’s Spiced Rum
Agency Background: Brunner
Radio Mercury Awards * Archive * Creativity


VISA, FOX Television, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Jack In The Box, NBC
Background: Premiere Radio Networks, 80 markets nationwide including NYC, LA
Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Houston, Atlanta
Radio Mercury Awards * New York Festivals * Radio & Production Awards


Nissan, Time Warner, Public Storage, GEICO, Diet Coke, USO, Breast Cancer 3 Day
Background: Clear Channel Radio, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Peoria * Saga Communications * Featured in FMQB magazine AIR Awards * MarCom Awards * Radio & Production Awards * Communicator Awards


Kia, Sony Pictures, Ad Council, Air Evac, OnStar, Freeman Health System, Eccentrix
Background: Zimmer Radio Group * EMF Broadcasting * Ozark Radio Network’s Personality of the Year
Radio Mercury Awards * #4 all-time trophy winner Radio & Production Awards


Disney Cruise Lines, Pier 1, Chase Card Services, SyFy Channel, Comcast, Forever 21
Background: Clear Channel Radio, Atlanta, Cincinnati * Jacor Communications, Jacksonville, Knoxville
* Premiere Radio Networks, 80 markets nationwide
AIR Awards * Creativity * Hermes Awards * MarCom Awards


Objective – An image makeover for 2,240 Supercuts salons nationwide.

Idea – An integrated brand campaign called Rock the Cut that likens the chain’s stylists to aspiring rock stars. By creating four custom iHeart channels, CCM+E featured artists from a wide range of musical genres to appeal to younger audiences. CSG’s role was to create the demos for the pitch and ultimately produce streaming spots to promote the iHeart component of the brand campaign.

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Objective – To drive store traffic to Aeropostale’s Tri-Sate area locations for the week of Black Friday, the biggest retail shopping day of the year.

Idea – To utilize Z-100’s on-air, online and live assets to promote in-store events leading up to Black Friday and
Z-100’s Jingle Ball. Listeners were encouraged to visit the stores for a chance at tickets for the Jingle Ball Kick Off Party, which included an in-store concert with Demi Lavato, video pop-in from Ryan Seacrest, and chances to win tickets to Jingle Ball. The week leading up to Black Friday, Z-100 promoted a different deal every day and their huge sale on Friday. CSG created a couple of characters resembling the Aeropostale target shoppers. Maddie and Claire then took over the Z-100 studios 3 times a day leading up to Black Friday and during the entire AM drive on the single biggest retail shopping day.

Results – The success of this integrated campaign resulted in a 3-year partnership
between Clear Channel and Aeropostale.

“…the copy was fantastic, the talent was fantastic, very organized. It was a seamless and rewarding experience.”
- Brett Dean, Aeropostale’s VP Of Marketing Creative

“The Aeropostale takeover of Z-100 was a phenomenal success. Areopostale took advantage of the real power of radio to target and connect with customers in new and different ways.”
- Sharon Mussalli, Integrated Media Sales Director, Clear Channel New York

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American Express

Objective – Stimulate sales on Small Business Saturday (SBS) on the day after the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, by reminding listeners of the impact small businesses have on their communities.

Idea – A multi-phase national awareness program across all 850 CC on-air stations, 500+ digital websites, localized creative for top 105 markets. On the day of the event, live remotes drove foot traffic to local businesses.

Results – Awareness for “Shop Small” doubled throughout the campaign.

70% of respondents heard our spots 3 or more times.

4 in 10 business owners interviewed said they would like to participate as a supporting business next year.

56% of respondents knew that AMEX was the sponsor.

More than half heard about SBS on the radio, more than any other source.

46% of those who heard about SBS say they shopped at a small business on SBS.

SOURCE: CriticalMassMedia Quantitative Research, Nov – Dec 2011

Radio Creative

Disney Parks

Objective – To drive listeners to station websites and enter to win a trip to a Disney Park during their “One More Day – Let The Memories Begin” leap year campaign.

Idea – For the first time in history, both Magic Kingdom parks would stay open 24 hours to celebrate the extra day that leap year brings. What would you do if you had one more day to make magical memories with your family? We posed the question to our listeners, and then offered a contest to win a trip for four to a Disney Park.

Results – “I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am at the amazing creative team, their inspirational facility and the over all quality of the operation you have created.””

- Merrily Terry
Creative Director, Disney Parks

“Hi All-
Just wanted to let you know that the Disney Parks promotion is going well. In just two days, we have had almost 3,000 people enter, helping Disney build a database. Listeners were happy to give up their personal information for the chance to win. Thanks again for your partnership!”

- Adrienne Pabst
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Disney – Dream Day Monday

Objective – Bring Disney’s new branding initiative “Year Of A Million Dreams” to life.

Idea – On a cold Monday morning in January, listeners had their hearts warmed by a story about a deserving family that unfolded over the morning rush hour. How would a family without the means to ever get to a Disney Park react when awarded a 4-day all-expenses-paid trip by a Disney cast-member? Tears and screams of delight filled the final commercial break in 9 markets, where listeners were glued to their favorite radio stations, waiting to be a part of that wonderful surprise.

Results – “It was an engaging and very warm way to bring dreams to life. Clear Channel was very effective in working with us to just try and find ways of breaking through the clutter and tell a story via a medium that literally every man, woman and child in the U.S. uses every day – their radio. It was a great way for us to talk to consumers in a very organic, very compelling way.”

-Scott Cassidy,
SVP Global Alliances for Disney Park

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Mesa Garage Doors

Objective – Develop an effective direct-response campaign to generate leads for a Los Angeles client that had been on the air for some time, but had seen waning results.

Idea – There’s not much about a garage door that is poetic or entertaining, so this called for a sing-along.
The client’s offer was incorporated into a toe-tapping sing-along with comedic spoken copy matched to the beat.

Results – “I just played him what CSG did and he LOVES it! Yes, Louis said “I LOVE this”
He is very excited. CSG really went “over the top.”

- Kent E Bagdasar
Account Executive – L.A.

“These are fantastic. The ending is very catchy for Direct Response results as well.
Please thank your team for us Jim.”

- Greg Ashlock
Market Manager – L.A.

Some of the best radio creative I have ever heard! Jim, please thank your team for doing such an amazing job. HOME RUN!”

- Jeff Thomas
Director of Sales – L.A.

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Metro Honda

Objective – Develop a campaign to bring to life the client’s vision of becoming known as “The Anti-Car-Dealer.”

Idea – Most car dealers are perceived as pushy. This campaign paints a mental image of dealership staff being trained to be just the opposite. How refreshing!

Results – “This is a great win for LA and it’s linked directly to the CSG creative. Great to see LA really putting the CSG material to work for us.”

- Susan Karis / EVPO

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you and your team for your help with Metro Honda/Acura. As you know, the client loved the annual campaign Butch and I proposed, but he would not sign off without “the creative.” He had a vision of becoming known as the “Anti-Car Dealer” and wanted to bring that idea to life. We turned to the CSG team and you created a phenomenal spot. He was so excited when he heard the spot that he played it for his entire staff and called several friends. It was the Deal Closer. I’m happy to report we walked out
of his office with an annual commitment!

-Greg Garber
Sales Manager KFI AM 640 KTLK AM 1150 AM 570 KLAC

Radio Creative

Sony Pictures

Objective – Drive traffic to theaters for the movie Arthur Christmas, opening over Thanksgiving weekend.

Idea – The elves from Arthur Christmas have fun, energetic, and cute personalities that could be showcased across CC stations that flipped to Christmas music. Spots included the mischievous elves from Arthur Christmas breaking into the studio, and “playing DJ”, deciding what song to play next on the station.

Results – Arthur Christmas opened to $17 million despite such tough weekend competition as “The Muppets,” “Happy Feet Two” and “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.” Attendance beat the opening of “Hugo” and weekend number of “The Descendants.”

L.A. Times

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TLC/Discovery – Little People Big World

Objective – Launch the new season with a bang.

Idea – Listeners were sucked in when dad Matt and daughter Molly Roloff ran wild and took over the radio studio playing songs, taking requests, answering viewer emails about their unique family. This insider’s peek into the TLC show and its stars created new fans, while diehards were reminded to mark their calendars for the season premier.

Results – It garnered the highest rating in the show’s history (2.0) and over-delivered TLC’s Household Estimate at 200%.

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Radio Creative

Starbucks – Coffee Sommelier

Objective – Maximize the number of coffee-drinkers who would participate in Starbucks’ 8-week “Coffee Journey” promotion by trying a different bold blend each week.

Idea – So what makes bold coffee “bold?” Starbucks’ “Coffee Sommelier” Jason Simpson explained it to local DJs and radio listeners throughout the country via carefully-crafted interviews made to sound as if he was sitting at the mic at each local station.
The interviews aired during the prime coffee consumption hour (7 AM); and with local DJs asking
the questions, created a personalized listening experience.

Results – Not only was the client thrilled, post-campaign research showed significant awareness for both the promotion and the bold coffees that Starbucks offers.

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Radio Creative

VISA – Contextual

Objective – Remind customers of the ease and convenience of using Visa cards for specific types of transactions.

Idea – Place high-frequency 15-second spots following more than 25,000 appropriate merchant messages in 120+ radio markets.

Results – Generated five times as many gross ratings points as Visa had been getting with TV advertising. Short-term volume through Visa’s network rose 10% compared with the same time period during the previous year. And the campaign took home the 2008 Buzz Award. “OMD, together with Clear Channel Radio created an innovative solution that not only resonated with our target audience but helped us achieve our objectives” – Elyssa Gray, Sr. Business Leader, Media and Creative Services at Visa Inc.

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Radio Creative

Summit Pictures –Twilight

Objective – Turn the release of the movie Twilight into one of Hollywood’s biggest premieres.

Idea – In 14 major markets nationwide, the 5:00 radio hour became the Twilight Hour. Top 40 stations hopped on the fan frenzy, providing an exclusive look into all things Twilight- music from the film; interviews with the author, the film’s director and its stars; behind-the-scenes scoop – everything that CHR fans wanted to hear. Local DJs hosted the hour that was pre-produced and distributed ahead of the date.

Results – It was the largest movie opening ever for the 11/23 weekend, raking in $70.5 million. And the radio stations benefitted, too, as listeners were fixed to the dial. People Meter showed higher radio listenership than a normal Thursday 5:00 hour.

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TV Guide – Idol Tonight

Objective – Drive tune-in to TV Guide’s new show Idol Tonight.

Idea – Radio listeners love American Idol. So it only made sense that they were a prime target for Idol Tonight, where hosts Justin Guarini and Kimberly Caldwell – both former Idol contestants dished on all things Idol. Half-a-million Clear Channel listeners in 10 major markets were treated to Justin’s and Kimberly’s back-stage insight from the prior evening’s American Idol – the audio featured their answers married to questions posed by each station’s local DJs, making what was advertising feel like part of the Drive-Time show. Spots ran in the hour leading up to the airing of Idol Tonight, driving immediate tune-in.

Results – Nielsen data showed that listeners went straight from the radio to their televisions, as Idol Tonight showed a +266% growth over the prior week among adults 18-49.

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Nissan – Freeway Frenzy

Objective – Drive qualified leads to local Nissan dealerships.

Idea – Working women are not only some of radio’s most avid listeners while working at their computers all day, they’re also the fastest-growing group of “gamers.” Clear Channel built out a complete Nissan-branded advergame that allowed for customization by local dealerships. The game was advertised on-air, in-stream and on station web sites. While the target plays these types of games for the challenge, the chance to win $10,000 helped deliver immediate response.

Results – Within 14 days: 66,000 leads were generated. And 27,000 people said they were ready to purchase. Listeners were given a much-needed break with a fun and entertaining on-line advergame that demonstrated Nissan vehicle’s attributes.

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Subway – Fresh Artist

Objective – Keeping with Subway’s brand strategy of “fresh,” connect it to popular music.

Idea – Tapping into the millions of enthusiastic music fans who make up Clear Channel listeners, the “Subway Fresh Artists” nationwide competition asked them to vote on which “fresh” artist should become the opening act for the Goo Goo Dolls 2010 concert tour.

Results – Tens of millions of consumers cast their votes, while the industry press covered the competition as an advertising vehicle.

“One of the most exciting, innovative marketing programs I’ve every been involved with.” -
Tony Pace, Subway CMO

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Radio Creative

Macy’s – Red Star Radio

Objective – Reach young music enthusiasts who were likely to shop Macy’s.

Idea – Macy’s became one of the very first national companies to have their own branded radio station on iHeartRadio. And millions of music lovers who are Clear Channel listeners were offered the chance to DJ Red Star Radio for a day.

Results – Red Star Radio averaged a weekly audience of 20,000+ listeners, generated 50,000+ contest entries over a 4-week period, and was a Top 15 streaming station out of 850+ such stations.

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Relativity Media – Sanctum

Objective – Launch Executive Producer James Cameron’s new film Sanctum for a box-office-busting opening weekend.

Idea – A fully integrated campaign kicked off with a live interview between America’s most popular spokesperson Ryan Seacrest and famed filmmaker James Cameron. Later, audio from other interviews with Cameron was woven into questions from local DJ’s, making them a seamless part of the action. To further build intensity and excitement, frequent reminders of the approaching launch were deployed. A 24-hour countdown that included a 5-second spot each hour led up to Sanctum’s premier.

Result – Despite going up against the Super Bowl, the movie still garnered one of the biggest opening weekends of 2011, with box office revenues of $9 million.

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GEICO War Letters

Objective – “Cause marketing with superior creative” Unite America’s unique and long history of communication from the front lines with a brand long associated with the armed services.

Idea- Leveraging our relationship with artists and celebrites and uniting the assets with a unique cause, we designed, developed and marketed the America War Letter campaign for Geico.


Radio Creative
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Old Navy Hit Bound

Objective – Reality Radio follows the amazing journey of newly signed artists to becoming a star.

Idea – An audio and video documentary of an artists ups and downs in the wild world of hit music. We follow the arc of a celeb in the making and allow listeners to interact along the way.

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The Originals

Objective – The fascinating stories behind the music, and the people who write the hits.

Idea – Through our exclusive access to the original demo tapes of hit songs, we follow the incredible stories behind hit songs, their authors and the journey they took to becoming chart toppers. Produced to include any brand that considers itself an “original” in its category with organic inclusion into the content.

Provided as hour long ready for air or online distribution.

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You know what’s great about winning statues? You can hug them. Kiss them. Sleep next to them. Sit around campfires with them (Not too close, though – some of these metals have low melting points). Even cuddle with them under your favorite fleece blanket. So take a gander, over the years we’ve racked up a pretty nice collection of statues. And we’re not too modest to show ‘em off.